Project Overview

Foreign investors seeking a direct route to a U.S. Green Card via the EB-5 immigrant investor program are offered the unique opportunity to lend as little as USD $500,000* to an experienced successful developer, ESJ Capital Partners (“ESJ”), for investment in a first-rate American Charter School project. ESJ is well-established in the region with successful track record in building several local charter schools currently serving more than 8,000 students.

Once the school construction will be completed, Charter School USA (CSUSA) is to rent the built facility and to become in charge of the official operations of the school in the state of Florida.


In the form of a subsidy per student, the local government and state of Florida will provide a source of steady income for CSUSA to cover for operating costs while remaining responsible of overseeing the school’s financial and academic performance as it does for all schools across the state.

Description of the school and location

The subject property is located in a 6 acres parcel of land located approximately fifteen miles southwest of Fort Lauderdale in Cooper City, Florida. Cooper City has the fourth highest median household income in Broward County. The local population is expected to grow 1.48% above the state average and 0.91% above the national average. The site offers strong demographics with over 118,000 household units within a 5 miles radius. The median household income is $60,000; making quality Public/Charter schools the ideal option for parents. Additionally, 26.9% of population is between the ages of zero and nineteen. Finally, the site also well located with close proximity to city parks and several major roads and expressways.

The school will occupy 72,500 square foot and will have the capacity for 1,200 students from grades K through 8.

* plus management and legal fees