Portugal is a place of sun and sea, history and modern living, Portugal’s fantastic climate and diverse landscape, from beautiful beaches to wine producing vineyards, provide a setting that is relaxed and enjoyable for visitors.

With its unique geographical location and its distinctive Atlantic flavor, located in the south-west of Europe, right next to Spain, Portugal is a member of the European Union and the Schengen Area.


-          No language requirement

-          Visa-free travel to more than 160 countries

-          Processing time between 5 to 6 months

-          Possible to apply for a passport after 6 years

Basic requirements

-          Purchase a property of minimum value of 500,000 Euros

-          No criminal records in any country

-          Mandatory stay in Portugal is 7 days for the first year and 14 days for the subsequent periods of 2                    years


Step 1:  applicant evaluation

Step 2:  Apply for Schengen Visa

Step 3:  Purchase property

Step 4:  Obtain Resident Permit (approximately 90 days)

Step 5:  After 5 years, apply for Permanent Residence

Step 6:  After 6 years apply for Citizenship