Phase 17 School opening 4 - 20151015

Project Overview

Foreign investors seeking a direct route to a U.S. Green Card via the EB-5 immigrant investor program are offered the unique opportunity to invest as little as US$500,000* in a first-rate American Charter School project. The investment will take the form of a loan made to an experienced developer, Building Hope, which was founded in 2003 and is a non-profit organization based in Washington, DC that works to close the educational achievement gap by giving students access to high quality public charter schools.

Building Hope supports the expansion of successful charter school organizations with the capacity to grow their enrollments in order to catalyze change across the public education system.


In the form of a subsidy per student, the school will receive a source of steady income from the local government and the state of Florida to cover for its operating costs. As they do for all schools across the state, the government will remain responsible of overseeing the school’s financial and academic performance.

Description of the school and location

The school located at 2289 North Hercules Avenue, Clearwater, Florida 33763, which is in Pinellas County. The school building will occupy a surface of 30,000 Square foot and will have the capacity of 600 students. The construction will commence in early 2015 for projected delivery in August 2015.

* Plus management and legal fees

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