What is a Charter School?

Charter Schools are kindergarten, elementary and secondary schools built and managed by the private sector, but funded and overseen by the government. The first charter school was established in the United States in 1991. The idea was to leverage the efficiency of the private sector, balanced by the oversight and funding of the government, to create a high-functioning education model for the communities that need good new schools. 

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All charter schools are tuition-free and open to any student living in the county. Although they are managed privately, charter schools are publicly funded by local, state and federal tax dollars based on enrollment, like public schools. There are also held accountable to state and federal academic standards. Thanks to the success of various charter school programs, demand for charter schools among American students and their families is growing rapidly in many areas of the United States.

Phase 1 - sold out

Cooper City, Florida

Phase 2 - sold out

Homestead, Florida

Phase 3 - sold out

Wellington, Florida

Phase 4 - sold out

Orlando, Florida

Phase 5 - sold out

Orlando (Olympic), Florida

Phase 6 - sold out

Sarasota, Florida

Phase 7 - sold out

Kissimmee, Florida

Phase 8 - sold out

Lake Worth, Florida

Phase 9 - sold out

Hollywood, Florida

Phase10 - sold out

Hollywood (McKinley), Florida

Phase 11 - sold out

Boynton Beach, Florida

Phase 12 - sold out

Sunrise, Florida

Phase 12B - sold out

Jacksonville, Florida

Phase 12C - sold out

Pembroke Pines, Florida

Phase 15 - sold out

Soho, Florida

Phase 16 - sold out

McIntosh, Florida

Phase 17 - sold out

Pinellas St. Mark, Florida

Phase 18 - sold out

Pinecrest, Florida

Phase 19 - sold out

Pinecrest South, Florida

Phase 20 - sold out

Ocoee, Florida

Phase 21 - sold out

SW Miami, Florida

Phase 22 - sold out

McKinley Extension, Florida

Phase 23 - sold out

Orange County, Florida

Phase 24 - sold out

Happy Hollow, Florida

Phase 25 - sold out

Bloomingdale, Florida

Phase 26 - sold out

Galileo, Florida

Phase 27 - sold out

La Costa, Florida

Phase 28 - sold out

Atlantic, Florida

Phase 29 - sold out

Somerset College Preparatory Academy, Florida

Phase 30 - sold out

River City, Florida

Phase 31 - sold out

Somerset Palm Beach, Florida

Phase 32 - sold out

Citrus Park, Florida

Phase 34 - sold out

Winter Garden Montessori, Florida

Phase 35 - sold out

Mater Palms Academy, Florida

Phase 36 - sold out

Pinecrest Lakes Academy, Florida

Phase 37 - sold out

Academir Preparatory Academy, Florida

Phase 38 - promoting

Somerset Academy Expansion, Florida

Phase 40 - sold out

Galileo School Expansion, Florida

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